About the Show


Todd Lewis is the host for two hours of opinionated hockey talk every Saturday & Sunday. Hockey Unfiltered with Todd Lewis is unlike any other hockey show. Lewis is remarkably candid and to the point with his opinions and isn’t afraid to suggest dramatic and even radical ideas for the game we love. We bring guests to the program that offer greatly different opinions in order to cover all sides of the story and keep each segment dynamic and engaging.

We hate cliché and rehearsed answers to questions. We’ve not invited several previous guests back because they didn’t like or didn’t want to offer a genuine or “unfiltered” opinion.

Where most simply churn out the status quo of platitudes and stock answers, Hockey Unfiltered works harder for its dedicated fan base, cutting through the spin doctoring and politically-correct soundbites.

Unlike many other shows Hockey Unfiltered with Todd Lewis encourages social media participation from the audience. Tweets, Facebook and emails along with traditional phone calls when appropriate generate lively and thought provoking discussion about the issues surrounding the game.