Action for Tomorrow (A NY Memo)

A few words about 2016 as we prepare to pass into the New Year.

This year more than any other I can remember, people have been saying that they’ll be damn glad to get rid of this one and move ahead into a new one.  I can understand it a little bit.  We’ve lost a great number of wonderful people is 2016.  Whether it’s great musicians & stars, athletes or others we admire.  

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve lost family & friends, I have, and it makes us sad to think about it.  

While that’s all true, I want to take a different approach to the current year ending and a new one approaching.

Certainly I’ll reflect on those no longer with us, but instead of obsessing over their loss I’m going to be more appreciative and grateful for what they’ve given us.  And I’ll do the same with those in our family and friends no longer here.  I miss them, I have great memories and will laugh and smile about wonderful times and they’ll live on forever in that way.

And sure there are events and happenings in our lives and in our world that we share together that will aggravate and upset us.  We won’t always like or agree with how things are or turn out.  And while it’s okay to express that frustration, we should also put a greater emphasis and focus on what we can do better to improve things in our lives and world.

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, it never seemed to make sense.  If I want to change something then why wait until a new year starts, do it immediately.  I was reminded of this when I received a message from a friend quoting a great Chinese proverb that said, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time, NOW.  It makes a lot of sense.

So without specific resolution to the new year of 2017 arriving I’ll encourage you to do as I try and do each day.  I’m grateful and happy for all the wonderful friends and family members in my life.  I cherish them and try to enjoy them as much as I can whether we’re together or not.

I’m happy, and appreciative for my work family and the wonderful and fun work that I get to do all year.  To be in the company of people I genuinely like, respect and have fun with while we work hard is a special thing, so thank you for all you do and I look forward to even more of this together in 2017.  For all those that watch and listen to us as well, your support is appreciated with heartfelt thanks.  It’s you that motivates us to try and better every day.

And I guess that’s the best conclusion and approach.  Enjoy those people, relationships, and moments in your life.  Certainly we all have challenges, some more than others, but let’s all try to be a little better, a little nicer to each other.  Whether we’re friends, colleagues or strangers as we move ahead.  If you can take even a small portion of the energy and time that so many put into anger or frustration and channel it in the direction of doing a little something to make our world or someone’s life a little better, you will both reap the rewards.

Please have a happy and safe New Year celebration.

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