Quarterly Reports

We’re 1/4 of the way through the NHL season and its time for report cards! Host Todd Lewis was joined by Derek Wills, Jesse Granger, Andy Strickland and Steve Laidlaw with the #Fantasy5.

Release Date

It’s FINALLY here. The release of Todd’s Favorite Things 2017 edition. To welcome the auspicious occasion host Todd Lewis was joined by Mark Stepneski, Robyn Flynn, Adam Vingan and Arthur Staple.


A great way to kick off a Sunday with host Todd Lewis. Kristen Odland joined the program to talk #Flames and #Jagr. Sam Werner of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette calmed the Penguin fan fears. Mike Heika fed the Dallas Stars and Steve Laidlaw had the #Fantasy5.


Is the league ready to take an evolutionary step? Or will we continue to view the game in a snapshot? Host Todd Lewis tackles this question with guests Erik Erlendsson, Scott Billeck, Justin Goldman and Steve Laidlaw with the #Fantasy5.